Go Higher!

On 10/28/14  I decided to hike up Stone Mountain in Stone Mountain, GA.  For weeks I felt that God was telling me to come up.  When I got there I didn’t know what to expect.  I took my sack with water and began the hike.  When I started walking up a hill I got a little tired, but I proceeded.  I talked with a friendly man who told me about the path up the mountain.  Him telling me and me experiencing it were two different things.  So the first thing I encountered going up were there huge rocks that you have to walk up on. The rocks itself would tire you out.  I kept going.  Then I  tried to find an easier route going off the path and almost got lost. LOL Ok, so I got back on track and people told me that the rough path was the only way up.  Geesh!  I continued.  I took several breaks to rest and to take into the scenery.  I really didn’t think I was going to make it, but everyone kept saying, “It’s beautiful once you make it to the top of the mountain.”  So after I stopped at the rest area, I look up and said, “God, I know you don’t want me to climb this?”  It looked as if the mountain was going up to the heavens. 

I was inspired to keep going when I saw older men and women going up.  Sure, people were tired but they kept going.  So I made it up the high incline.  Then I said, “Lord, how much further?”  I prayed and he gave me the strength to make it to the top of the mountain.  Then I looked around and it was beautiful. I saw land, territory!  It was peaceful.  It seemed that the higher I was looking at the city,  it seemed small.  Maybe that’s why God wants us to come higher so that we can see that those problems, life issues, etc. are small things and that he is a big God.  It seemed as if there were no worries.  You couldn’t tell from where I was standing that there were any chaos going on in the city.

Going back down the mountain wasn’t as hard as going up.  But I learned to see things differently.  Keep pushing no matter how hard it is.   Don’t try to find an easier path.  Straying from the path God called you walk will cause you to get  lost.   Go at your own pace (run your own race). Even though a lot of people beat me up and down the mountain, I still made it.  I found that there is rest (peace) on the mountain.  I also learned that one cannot be afraid to go higher.  Why stand at the foot of the mountain watching others go up?  Don’t let fear keep you from moving.  Finally, that it is a place to meet God.  God came and spoke to the Children of Israel on top of Mt. Sinai.  Jesus often went to the mountain to pray. Jesus also transfigured on top of the mountain. 

I talked with a guy that worked at Stone Mountain and I inquired about the emergency call boxes along the mountain path.  I asked if people really use them.  He replied, “Yes, a lot of people pass out, stop breathing and even die.”  That’s when I heard God say, “The mountain you climb isn’t for everyone.  What you went through would literally kill others.  Don’t ever wish to be in someone else shoes thinking that they got  it all together because you don’t know what they had to come through in life to be on top today.”

Go higher! Dream Big! Conquer that mountain!





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