Some closed doors are better off left closed

In life situations can occur for whatever reason out of the blue. Somethings we understand and somethings we don’t. I once dated a guy who I loved very much. The relationship ended up ending, but it took a long time to end. It took a long time to end, because I kept holding and pushing the door back open when it was closing. I knew things wasn’t working out, but I couldn’t accept that the relationship was over. So it went back and forth from breaking up to getting back together over and over again. Until I had to realize and accept that God was closing the door and I was getting in the way. I was hurting both ways with the door partially open and closed. Finally, I let the door close and it was never opened again. I was standing on one side of the door and he was on other side, separated by something more than a piece of wood, but the hands of God. I kept facing the door with tears waiting for it to open, but it never did. Someone was on the other side but I had no permission to enter. Little did I know that my back was facing what was waiting for me, my purpose and destiny. God was ushering me into a new season, but I was facing a locked door. Over the course of time I turned away from the door and saw my future. Some doors are meant to be closed. Some people can’t go with you when God is taking you somewhere. The journey begins with you and God and then he adds. God will strip you of things that you don’t need including friends. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with that person (s), it just means that they are not called to do what God has called you to do. The pruning hurts, but the restoration is rewarding and refreshing. Whatever you lost, God will restore but it will be even better. When the door closes in life remember to turn and face your future not a dead bolted door.
Behold the former things have come to pass, and new things I declare; Before they spring forth I tell you of them, Isaiah 42:9



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