The crossroads of life


Have you ever been in a situation that you had no clue how you were going to get out of it? Whether it was a bad relationship, investment that went wrong, marital problems, problems on your job? Well we all have come to the crossroads of life. At that crossroad, there are choices. You have the road in front of you, a road to the left and right of you and one behind you. We are often afraid of the road in front of us, because of the uncertainty of where we are going. Then we get confused and want to turn to the right or to the left. Then we begin thinking about where we came from and want to go back into the familiar. Life is about uncertainty. We as humans have the tendency of wanting to control every area of our life without God as our guiding source. It truly takes living by faith to follow God, because he allows us to be placed in situations that we could never imagine how to get out of. I know from experience being in the middle of a crossroad is not easy. Doubt, depression, fear, anxiety, anger,etc. are all experiences of the crossroads of life. But one must remember to look at the author and finisher of our faith Jesus Christ. I’m so glad to know that when we are faithless, God remains faithful. The road is set before you and God is waiting for you to take the step of faith. Stop looking backwards, God has placed an expiration on your past. Don’t let fear, doubt, depression keep you from your future. Keep moving forward no matter how rough the journey may be.



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