Father’s Day

On Father’s Day, I reflect on my own father that is no longer with me. I appreciate God renewing our relationship and through forgiveness allowing me to hear three simple words, “I love You.” Whether your father was involved or not, all is not bad. Guess what! You or your child would not be here if it wasn’t for him. As a single parent, God knows what you need and who you need. Just as Mary needed a Joseph, Jesus needed an earthly and Heavenly Father. In the absence of my son’s father, God has given him a great father figure. He takes him to practice, attends football and basketball games, takes him to get a hair cut, helps with homework, teaches him about life and anything else that comes along. It takes a strong man to walk in when others walk out. I won’t pretend that it has been all good, but I take pleasure in knowing that my son is being fathered. Happy Father’s Day to my eldest brother, Ray, Grandfather, Johnnie and Great Uncle B.J. that are no longer with me, but helped raise and love me. Happy Father’s Day to all father’s, mentors, father figures, cousins, uncles and the list goes on and on!!!



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