Son hear mother’s counsel

So I have a teenager now…..   And along with the age comes puberty, hormones and GIRLS!   I am a mother watching my baby boy turn into a young adolescent.  When I think about my teenage years, I’m like yikes!! Payback! God please help!  I often have to reflect on the experiences I went through as a teen to relate or shall I say help my son during his teen years.  I also reflected on things my parents did or did not do during those years to help me with parenting.  But most of all as a single mother, I have  to turn to God’s word to guide me in correcting and instructing him.  Most times we hear that a woman can’t teach a boy how to be a man.   That may be true, but there is enough evidence in God’s word where mother’s are very instrumental in their children’s upbringing by providing wisdom.   We often read Proverbs 31 about the virtuous wife, but wait!!  Did you noticed that the very first verse states, “The words of King Lemuel, the strong advice his mother gave him.”  So here we have a King who has humbled himself enough to listen to his mother’s advice.  The King could have had his mother sent out of his courts, he’s the King!  He’s busy ruling a Kingdom, but he has time to sit and listen to his mother.  That’s enough said in that one statement, because most kids don’t have time to sit and listen.  But there were three things she taught her son, the King.  1. About not giving his strength to women. 2. Not becoming intoxicated (so that he can rule the kingdom effectively) and finally, about finding a wife.   This mama is being real with him about the type of woman he needs for his future.  She calls this woman, “Virtuous.”   So here we have a mother sitting down with her son having real talk.  Not sure where the father was, but mothers, especially single mothers are equipped to teach our young children about relationships and about life.   My son, thinks I don’t understand, as I thought my mother didn’t understand when I was that age.  But I always tell him, I’ve done what you are trying and may think about doing, so there’s nothing I don’t know.   RW


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