The condition of the mind

As I think and reflect of the current conditions of the world, it is very troubling and disturbing. Increased gun violence, teenagers dying without a cause, poverty, lay offs, more females raising children by themselves, drugs, abuse, divorce, children flunking and dropping out of school, etc. and above all the current mindset of people.

The bible tells us that we are living in perilous times and that people have become lovers of themselves. Time is running out and most people are now thinking only of themselves. We spend more time judging others without dealing with ourselves first, being vain, a materialist,a home wrecker, a busy body in other peoples business. We use the social networks to relay non-essential information to others to distract them from the common welfare of the world. The minds of the people are filtrated with others false opinions and news reports.

To make a change in the earth we have to be concerned with what God is concerned about. When Jesus began preaching, he preached the Kingdom of God. His ministry was to heal the sick, bring liberty to captive, make disciples and to spread the good word. There is too much negative for us to sit back and just be concerned about ourselves.

The reason we have murders, adultery, robberies, single parent homes, fighting, etc. is because there is no love. Love thinks more of others than yourself. Love does not boast (do you really have to brag? Seriously it is not cute.) Love is kind. Love rejoices in truth. Love does not envy (stop being jealous). Read 1Corinthians 13.

When was the last time you went to a school to talk and encourage another child other than yours? When was the last time you thought before you spoke, before judging and criticizing someone? When was the last time you helped a single parent and prayed for your so called baby daddy? Stop talking negative about him and pray for him. Maybe God allowed his his heart to be harden and therefore it was in God’s plan for him to not be in your child’s life so that he would not contaminate your child negatively. When was the last time you helped stop poverty by giving some a job when it was in your power to do so? Or when did you feed the hungry? Stop putting your nose in the air when you see someone homeless. We all are homeless, God owns everything and he permits you to live in his home. When you die do you take that fancy home, pimped out car, money, clothes with you? Don’t think so…

Stop rejoicing when people are at the point of divorce. Pray for reconciliation, that’s what God wants. Stop rejoicing when people are attacked in the media. That could be you, how would you feel? Does your mind tell you to believe everything you hear? God can and will heal our land, but first we need to humble ourselves, seek his face and pray. This is the time to pray!!

Our minds need to be transformed daily by the word of God. Don’t be conformed to the world system (the world’s way of thinking). We are called to have a mind like Christ. We are charged with being mature and gaining knowledge and understanding. The future conditions of the world depends on our conditions of the mind.

Lastly, think on things that are true, lovely, just, noble, praiseworthy, good report and think on things that you can praise and thank God for. The future generation depends on it.


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